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Squirrel feeders

Plywood range
Even though we are retired pest controllers there are times when to help a native species to make a come back, people need to step in and do their bit to help, by feeding them which in turn helps the population expand. Of course i am talking about red squirrels, control the greys which cause no end of damage and spread diseases and monitor where the reds are coming back. This was our original sole aim for designing and making squirrel feeders.
All items are now made to order after the payment has been made. (Unless by prior agreement made with existing customers).
The heavy duty squirrel feeders in this section is aimed at the squirrel controller that wants to shoot the grey squirrel with an air gun, in order to help bring back the red squirrels into the area.
The squirrel feeders work well because they also feed the birds, which in turn brings the inquisitive squirrels to the feeders. The good thing is that in between shooting squirrels you can observe the bird life for free.
Description of feeders and how they are made
  • All of the heavy duty items are handmade and use 18mm heavy duty exterior quality builders hardwood plywood, unless otherwise stated, with a choice of collected or delivered. and have a 3mm aluminium backstop to prevent pellet penetration into the 18mm plywood.
  • Pictures are of the unpainted version in the first instance to show how the box is put together.
  • The box has two slots one on each side for fixing straps (not supplied) to prevent damage to the trees from  the screws.
  • A back bar keeps the top of the box away from the fixing point slightly and to help facilitate lid opening.
  • There is a vertical fixing bar not shown in the pictures.
  • A two dimensional internal chute arrangement to guide the feed towards the feeding point, with a metal feeding station guard, not shown in all pictures.
  • The feeding slot is cut to a size that works well for all types of feed that we have tried and tested, however the aluminium plate is dry screwed onto the front of the feeder, level with the top of the feed hole, by us fixing to this level you can unscrew the plate and lower to suit your requirements and feed flow according to the size of feed you use.
  • The feeder slot has a punched tape strip to stop feed from falling onto the floor, however the front and side both have a piece of wood for decoration purposes, to hide the strip.  (not shown in the pictures.
  • The vertical sides are jointed, glued and screwed.
  • The base plate is only screwed and not glued, to help with replacement at a later date should you wish to enlarge or replace.
  • The lid has a single central hinge, and is not locked, squirrels can climb inside for food if desired.
  • The metal guard on the front of the feeding area is just off the floor level to allow for rainwater to drain off, and the holes allow for any feed to stay as dry as possible. If wood was used water would be trapped and the base would rot and the bait would stay wet and mouldy.
  • Please read the specifiactions tab to view how the items are made.
Squirrel feeder that looks like a bird nesting box
This type of squirrel feeder has been designed for those areas where the casual onlooker may be curious as to what the box is hanging on the tree. With the hole cut into the front or side, it looks like an entry point for the bird, whereas it has been closed off inside with a wire mesh to prevent entry.
The front metal backstop has been covered with a 5mm ply board, rather than just paint the matal, if any pellets scratched the painted metal it would leave a shiny mark which would attract unwanted attention in sensitive areas. With the board over the plate there is still a backdrop plate but pellet marks and scratches cannot be seen as easily.
There are two different designs of these boxes at the moment and one is smaller than the other, the prices are reflected on the size of each. The smaller version has a side dummy bird entry point and a smaller base plate, the front looks like a bird feeder at the base of a nesting box, It still has the 3mm backstop hidden behind a 5mm ply front fitted over it to hide the plate.
As standard the the box is painted with two coats of dark brown paint, we paint whilst building the item to make life easier due to the depth and complexity of the internal design of the box. We only carry a few feeders in stock ay any time. The backstop is 3mm aluminium and is designed for sub 12 ft lbs air rifle, if you need to use anything more powerful you will probably need to change to a heavier plate.

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