Legislation - Bespoke Rodent Traps And Tunnels

Bespoke Rodent Traps and Tunnels
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The following is a short excerpt about legislation regarding traps, Please note that it is illegal to release rats or squirrels if caught in a live trap.
Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, (England, Wales and Scotland) & Wildlife (Northern
Ireland) order 1985. It is illegal to:
“Set in position any trap calculated to cause bodily injury to any wild animal in
schedule 6”. It is also illegal if any person ‘Intentionally (or recklessly) kills, injures
or takes any wild animal included in Schedule 5 he shall be guilty of an offence’
Wild Mammals (Protection) Act 1996, it is illegal to:
“mutilate, kick, beat, nail, impale, stab, burn, stone, crush, drag, drown or
asphyxiate and wild mammal with intent to inflict unnecessary suffering”

Live Capture Traps
Live capture cage traps are cage boxes that open at 1 or both ends
The doors are triggered by a plate or hook that may have bait placed on them
They are used to capture species such as foxes
They should be large enough to accommodate the target species
Cages should be inspected at least once every day.
Target species must be humanely dispatched at the most suitable opportunity
The body should be responsibly disposed of
Non target species must be released unharmed as soon as possible
Traps must not be set in a position where the captured animal will be exposed to
extremes of temperature or the risk of flooding.
Species not Resident in the United Kingdom
Under the terms of the wildlife and countryside act 1981 and the wildlife (northern
Ireland) order 1985, it is an offence to release the following wild animal that is not a
resident or regular visitor to the united kingdom in a wild state, or any of the following
animal listed in Part 1 of schedule 9.
 Muntjac deer,
 Mink
 Black rat
 Grey squirrel

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