WELCOME - Bespoke Rodent Traps And Tunnels

Bespoke Rodent Traps and Tunnels
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The methods of pest control we sell here is non toxic, which means it is safer for the environment and other wild life which helps to make the whole procedure ECO friendly, with no poisons required.
Having started a bespoke trap and tunnel business in 2015 to run in conjunction with our successful pest control business, we have retired  have rekindled the business and downgraded it to a hobby. We have decided to restrict this new venture into just a few types of simple to use trap boxes and tunnels for use with traps, all made from wood or ply in order to help attract the rodent into a material that is more familiar to them, rather than using man made products. This new venture was streamlined in part due to the forever changing regulations about trapping and the use of poisons,
Unless otherwise stated all trap boxes and tunnels etc are made from 18mm exterior quality hardwood builders plywood, we never use thinner or cheaper materials in order to cut corners.
When ordering items please double check that you have paid for what you want, ie delivery or collection, wood or ply where applicable.
Some of the pictures are for illustration purposes until the new traps tunnels are built.  The new rustic range are shown on the relevant sections, please be aware that the rustic range is made of sawn wood and will vary slightly in shape and appearance.

Hello welcome to our new website This website is about our bespoke productsAll of our products are Eco friendlyAll of our products are handmadeWe design all of our own productsAfter designing the items, we then make themAfter making them we field test each prototypeOur rat trap tunnels can be used with poisons if requiredInitially our tunnels etc are designed to trap onlyEach type of item is visually the same but are unique

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