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Fenn design squirrel trap boxes

Squirrel Traps
All items are now made to order after the payment hs been made. (Unless by prior agreement made with excisting customers).
All tunnels etc are sold without traps, we have ceased selling the traps for this item due to the strength of the trap and most professional people that use this type of trap already own them.
This box is designed for a Fenn 4, FENN 6, trap but will facilitate other traps and is by far our best seller due to the completely hidden trap inside the box, the onlooker cannot see the kill inside the box or any evidence of a trap ever being in the box, whether it is set off or not. When closed the box looks like a bird box.
The shelf is removable to facilitate the removal of any quarry that may have been caught a few days earlier and has become stiff.
The trap boxes show a fenn trap mk6 but will also take a fenn trap mk4.
The trap box can be used in the upright position or laying on its back, and can be used with or without the removable shelf.
The quarry and trap can be removed from the box with ease, due to no obstacles in the way of trapping or removal. The squirrel enters the box through the side entrance hole, then works its way down the box towards the trap via the back edge of the centre shelf, which is in a slot. To remove the captured animal, it is simple, if you have tied a cable tie to the trap you will see from outside if the trap has been activated, if so open the door, slide out the centre shelf and remove the trap and quarry, open the trap and re-set it, ensure the cable tie is through a side slot for ease of visual inspection, close the door and leave well alone.
If in doubt about your ability to catch and dispose of the catch humanely, then contact a qualified pest controller in your area in the first instance.
Please note that the prices shown are for collection from us at Heanor, DE75 7GA, if you wish to have your item/s delivered, the delivery charge must be added to your order by clicking the relevant delivery button on the paypal invoice shown on screen. You will be required to press either the collection or delivery button to complete your purchase, any fees will be added to the total automatically.
Delivery charge fees are as follows, no extra charge for collection of items, £11.00 for delivery of one item, £15.00 for delivery of two items. These prices will be added at the invoice stage and will depend upon your selection. Please be sure to add the correct postage after ordering each item.
18mm plywood fenn trap squirrel trap box.
New Category
A painted version of our Fenn trap design of Squirrel trap box, and collected. The traps are not included in the purchase price. Delivery code SL1
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