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About our squirrel traps

About our Rat / Squirrel boxes for Various Traps
The box is designed for a Fenn 4, FENN 6, BMI bodygrip 110, BMI Bodyfrip 116, trap but will facilitate other traps.
I have designed a box so that the trapped squirrel / rat can be removed easily and without touching the trapped animal. (Depending on how you empty the trap).
All items i make are sold to the public and trade alike, there are no poisons involved and are eco friendly and non toxic methods of controlling the pest problem. Please note that if in doubt about your ability to catch and dispose of the catch humanely, then contact a qualified pest controller in your area in the first instance.
My trap box range has been designed to be used in the vertical or horizontal position for either rats, squirrels etc.
All of the boxes have the additional sliding bars that can be screwed into the sides to facilitate the BMI Bodygrip type of trap. If you are not using this type of trap just unscrew the sliding bars to ensure a clear trap closure area.
The quarry and trap can be removed from the box with ease, due to no obstacles in the way of trapping or removal. The squirrel enters the box via the side entrance hole, then works its way down the box towards the trap via the back edge of the centre shelf, which is in a slot. To remove the captured animal, it is simple, if you have tied a cable tie to the trap you will see from outside if the trap has been activated, if so open the door, slide out the centre shelf and remove the trap and quarry, open the trap and re-set it, ensure the cable tie is through a side slot for ease of visual inspection, close the door and leave well alone.

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