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About our rat trap tunnels

Double Rat Trap Tunnel
Our Trap Tunnels have been field tested over a long period of time and in all types of weather and different environments. They do work very well and in most cases where tested, they work far better than the plastic versions, this is mainly due to wood being a more natural material and as such rodents tend to familiarise themselves with the wood before man made items.
Normally i have a few in stock, but if not it is approx. 7 days from order being taken to when it leaves us to be delivered to you. The rustic range of tunnels are not just about saving money, they are designed for areas where rough wood fits into the environment better, and where the rodents are more likely to use them. We have field tested them with great results.
Most rats carry Weil's disease - which can be deadly to humans and pets alike, which makes it very important to protect your home by filling holes etc.
We suggest you do not set the trap in the first instance for a few days, once the rodents have become familiar with the tunnel to collect food, just set the trap, and the next visitor will be trapped. As a tip it will be easier to attract the rodent if you put a small quantity of bird food or similar into the entrance area both inside and out. Once the rat has found the trail a catch can be made easier.
Traps are charged indivually as per your own decision, this section is for the basic tunnels.
The new rustic range are shown here, please be aware that the rustic range is made of sawn wood and will vary slightly in shape and appearance. If you wish to have more than one delivered it is cheaper to have them delivered individually ie one package for each single trap tunnel.
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