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Bespoke Rodent Traps and Tunnels

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We design and make Eco-friendly, safe, non toxic rodent control trap boxes, tunnels and feeders, especially designed to help save small birds, red squirrels and hedgehogs, by not using poisons.
We started to trade in 2015 to run in conjunction with our successful pest control business, the items are now made as a hobby, Our designs are regularly updated or new products are introduced.
We have restricted this new venture into just a few types of simple to use trap boxes and tunnels for use with traps, and squirrel feeders for those that want to shoot grey squirrels, in order to control them and to help red squirrels back into the area. All items are made from wood or ply in order to help attract the rodent or prey into a material that is more familiar to them, rather than using man made products.
Unless otherwise stated all trap boxes and tunnels etc are made from 18mm exterior quality hardwood builders plywood.
Due to our large wood and timber supplier never hearing of tanalysed ply (pressure treated) and combined with the high cost of decent marine ply, we only use high grade exterior hardwood builders plywood for any of our items that state plywood, (unless otherwise stated). Even though our items are painted we suggest that you keep an eye on the condition of the wood and paint regularly to waterproof the woodwork.
The new rustic range are shown on the relevant sections, being the rustic range the items are made of sawn wood and will vary slightly in shape and appearance.
We only carry a few of each design shown on the website and normally make the items to order which can take upto seven days from order until the item leaves us due to glue and paint having to dry.
As a pest controller why not have your customer buy the box and you service it as and when required. If you use our cable tie system the customer can easily see if the trap has been activated and can then call you to dispose of the caught prey and reset the trap.
Please note that if you wish to have your item/s delivered, the delivery charge must be added to your order by clicking the relevant delivery button on the paypal invoice shown on screen. You will be required to press either the collection or delivery button to complete your purchase, any fees will be added to the total automatically.
Delivery charge fees are as follows, no extra charge for collection of items, £11.00 for delivery of one item, £15.00 for delivery of two items. These prices will be added at the invoice stage and will depend upon your selection.
This is new rules as from 1st Dec 2019.
You must apply for a licence if you plan to release non-native species or those listed in schedule 9 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act.
If you want to release a species to reintroduce it into the wild for conservation purposes (in England), you must follow this guidance.
From 1 December 2019, Natural England will no longer grant a licence to release non-native species listed under the Invasive Alien Species Order 2019. This includes: grey squirrels, Egyptian geese, muntjac deer, For a licence to move or keep invasive alien species for welfare purposes, see licence IAS A01 for more detail.

Hello welcome to our new website This website is about our bespoke productsAll of our products are Eco friendlyOur products are individually handmadeWe design all of our own productsAfter designing the items, we make themAfter making them we field test each prototypeInitially our tunnels etc are designed to trap onlyOur rat trap tunnels can be used with poisons if requiredEach type of item is visually the same but are unique

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