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Bespoke Rodent Traps and Tunnels

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We design and make Eco-friendly, safe, non toxic rodent control trap boxes, tunnels and feeders, especially designed to help save small birds, red squirrels and hedgehogs, by not using poisons. The rustic wood items are very popular especially when used in wooded and wet areas.
Each page has the in stock quantitiy. In the case of squirrel feeders i have only put the item number for collection whereas it is obviously the same item if delivery is required. All other items have to be made to order once i can purchase materials again. Due to the Corona virus our suppliers are at present closed. We have a very limited number of items in stock. If you wish to confirm stock levels please email me in the first instance.
All items are now made to order after the payment has been made. (Unless by prior agreement made with existing customers).
Tunnels etc are sold with or without traps as shown on the above tabs.
We have restricted our range to a few types of simple to use boxes and tunnels for use with traps, and have a few squirrel feeders for those that want to shoot grey squirrels, in order to control them and to help red squirrels back into the area. All items are made from wood or ply in order to help attract the rodent or prey into a material that is more familiar to them, rather than using man made products.
Unless otherwise stated all trap boxes and tunnels etc are made from 18mm exterior quality hardwood builders plywood.
Even though some of our items are painted we suggest that you keep an eye on the condition of the wood and paint regularly to waterproof the woodwork.
All of the wooden / ply items are made from FSC Certified timber.
We work very closely with Harrison Building Services of Ripley for any pest control advice they may require, link to their website here harrisonbuildingservices
We are constantly tweaking our designs, whilst you the customer may not notice any changes, we are always improving and modifying the items to suit the material that is available to us at the time of making our products. The changes will be carried out with no previous notice on here, but i am sure that as long as the product is fit for pur[pose and at a fair cost, you will still be happy with your purchase and have a lot of use out of them.
If in doubt about your ability to catch and dispose of the catch humanely, then contact a qualified pest controller in your area in the first instance.

Hello welcome to our new website We design all of our own productsAll of our products are Eco friendlyOur products are individually handmadeAfter designing the items, we make themAfter making them we field test each prototypeInitially our tunnels etc are designed to trap onlyOur trap tunnels can be used with poisons if requiredEach type of item is visually the same but are uniqueOur new rustic range is very popular

With the fear of catching the corona virus when people come to your door, even when its all over, this may be an opportunity to carry out your own pest control or start your own business and save money.
It costs very little to gain knowledge, but can cost a lot if you try to carry out the work incorrectly with little or no knowledge, your choice. Spend a little to save a lot, or risk a lot to save a little.
As we say "Understand the lifestyle and behaviour of pests before you treat them, understand the enemy and be safe. It only takes a few minutes."
We have incorporated our Steves Diy Business Academy into one of our websites under a known domain name of ours to try to help promote the business, where you can view purchased tips and advice about settting up your own business, and a few other tips on various subjects. Due to the academy being an ongoing project we are constantly adding new tips etc as well as new pests. Why not use my knowledge to help improve your skills, knowing i am at the end of an email should you require any advice in the future.
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